I Enjoy Being a Girl . . .

Anyone who is knows Rodgers and Hammerstein recognizes this as a tune from Flower Drum Song. You may listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QjWn-ueeeLw

I remember my mother singing this song when I was a little girl. I never realized it had a sexist tone. Ah, well. It’s a classic, still.

I do enjoy being a girl. Men have boring clothes. Men don’t have umpteen choices of purses/bags/jewelry. Their shoes are limited and haircuts, blah.

They hate to cry in public, never watch sappy movies, feel the need to hide emotion. We women can enjoy our emotions without fear of judgement. Bad day? Cry it out.

Bubble baths by candle light, shopping for lipstick, coloring my hair when it gets too gray (and it looking natural) – great things

Yes, I also love to study science, read fiction, write. I can label the bones of a human skeleton, the organs of a dissected cat, and find a lab rat’s esophogus. I play in the dirt in spring, skate and scrape my knees, and ride a motorcycle off-road.

But, whether I’m in a dress for a date or in overalls planting veggies in the garden, I’m a girl, and I enjoy being one.


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