~ Upside Down ~


I chose an upside down photo for this post, as I’ve been feeling upside down for so many months, but have hope as of this afternoon.

Today is Thursday. Tuesday was the lowest of this cycle’s slump. Whew! It was a hard day. My poor family. Deep depression, thoughts of suicide (but knowing I could not complete the act b/c of my children), zero energy (messed up hormones)!

However, yesterday was markedly better, and today is good. I saw a different MD this afternoon, a woman. I like her. She specializes in menopause and women’s issues. Long story short, I have an estrogen patch to apply to my upper buttocks after my shower tonight and oral progesterone to take at bedtime. We’ll see.

I also started exercising again tonight – after many months (actually, 3 years. Shhhh). OMG! I had no idea how out of shape I’d become. Talk about Couch Potato? I was a BED POTATO. Seriously, I love to do homework and play online while on my tummy in bed. So, there you go! A Bed Potato!

I only did a minimal amount on the treadmill tonight. I want to keep it light and go back “willingly” each day – until I am “ready” to increase the time and speed. Hard to believe I’m starting back at square one on the exercise. I used to stay on the Stairmaster, clipping along at good speed, for 45 minutes minimum.

My heart would explode if I tried that now.

Onward and upward, though. There’s really nowhere else TO go from here. Hitting bottom is such a black and deep place (I have a different blog for THOSE feelings, though).

I’m fasting after 9 p.m. so I can give blood samples to my doctor’s lab in the morning. I NEED to fast. When theatre seats and restaurant booths start feeling tight and you wonder why they are making public seating so much smaller, stop and listen to yourself~!

Till later, eat healthfully and move your body. Hey, if I am doing it, you should be, too!



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