The power music has over me is profound. New Age melodies nudge my tempanic membranes and softly whisper, “Oooopen yourself.” Vibrations of relaxation enter my head. The anxiety I’d harbored all day begged for release. I lowered my head onto a soft pillow and closed my eyes. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, while visualizing fresh, clean, peace entering my lungs. I exhaled all stress from my mouth, making a soft uuuhhh sound. Not with vocal chords, just air. After repeating this practice and just giving in to the release, I realized that for the first time, I was meditating. Forever, I had thought meditation was a mystery I could not master. Tonight, I achieved tranquility.

I did not reach for a wine glass or toss back an anxiety pill. Nor did I stew in my chest, emotions churning, longing for release. Unable to escape.

Such a simple exercise of breathing, tuning in, releasing negative energy. Pulling into my lungs (and mind) freshness and life.

I did it. I want to do it again. Self-therapy, finally.


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