Help! I Don’t Know What to Eat!

I’m grossed out by our food safety standards in this country. I was looking up some healthful foods, finding out who made what product, and planning meals.  I was amazed. So much of what is on the market isn’t “food” at all. It’s high fructose corn syrup and what ever else our precious corn kernal has been engineered to be. It’s empty calories, trans-fat laden, pre-packaged sweets. I enjoyed black bean soup and a chicken/tomato paninni for lunch today. I wondered what was in my tap water! 😉

It’s winter, so I can’t rely on fresh veggies from the farmer’s market. I am not sure who in my area grows grass-fed beef or free range chickens. I’d like some fresh eggs (duck eggs would be delightful).

So, this fast food junkie has a lot to learn about her new eating plan. I forgot and ate chicken nuggets from the golden arches tonight. Crap! Out of habit, when I got hungry, I “drove thru!” There’s no telling what kind of beaks and feet were in those fried, formed things.

Finding a new and healthier way to eat is a challenge! If any of you out there have ideas on how to make this easier to grasp, please share. Any info or tips? Preparation methods?

This path to health and thinness isn’t as smooth as I had imagined. Land mines keep popping up!



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