Holidays, Dieting, & Other Stuff

One more semester of general ed until I can say, “I am waiting to get into nursing schoool.” Will I ever make it? I’ve been going to college, off and on, for eighteen long years -through moves to different cities, and by going to school when my kids went to school. Now, I’m on the downside of my forties and still a student.

I can’t stop, though. Life doesn’t stop just because my lower back hurts and I get fatigued after riding up an escalator! 😉

I texted my ex-husband yesterday. He and I used to be very friendly with each other when I first moved out of the family house. Then, as the months turned into years, we only texted (and those weren’t even super friendly). What happens to people? He and I raised two nearly perfect children together. Now, we are resentful, blaming, passive/aggressive. I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

It’s December. The holiday season is in full swing. Since I have no homework until mid-January, I’m free to  . . . well . . . do whatever. My friend, Jan, finished her novel and has a New York agent wanting to read her entire manuscript over the holidays. WHY haven’t I finished MY novel? It’s a wonderful read, an interesting story. It has humor, heartbreak, and mystery. I should be writing on IT during this winter break. I am over halfway finished already.

Okay, I’ll do it. I will diet and write. I have to diet, you see, because my son is getting married in June, and I’m overweight. The mother of the groom shouldn’t have to be escorted down the aisle while she’s on a Rascal!

Love you, my readers. My friends!


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