News: Closet Shrinks Clothing!

I realized over the Thanksgiving holiday (at my mom’s house) that I am fat. Well, I knew I was overweight (or undertall), but I saw my naked body in HER full -sized bathroom mirror. I was mortified. When did the tummy rolls appear? Is THAT why my winter clothes are fitting so tightly? Even my winter coat is snug. I thought the closet shrank them all over the summer.

Will this be ME in another year? I can’t let that happen.  Today was the first day of a new eating plan for me. I’ve had soup and salad and grilled chicken . . . and I’m hungry. Grrr.

Exercise? Got some by walking the university campus today. Got some more by lifting the fork from the salad bowl to my mouth. Guess I need a more structured plan.

If I want to be successful next semester and to do well in nursing school, I’d better get my act together now!

I’m craving ice cream or tacos right now. These first several days are so tough. Feeling “empty.”



One thought on “News: Closet Shrinks Clothing!

  1. You go, Lea! I love you no matter what, but I want you to take care of yourself so you’ll be around as long as possible to listen to my rants and raves. 🙂

    It’ll get easier and easier (dieting – not listening to my rants and raves) so hang in there. 🙂

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