Discovering 47

 I hear people say, “The smarter I get, the more I realize how ignorant I am.”

 I say, “AMEN!” I seem to be learning on a regular basis since my divorce.

 Mid-life has its perks (not as many as it did when I was a tight-butted, raised- boobed, 25-year-old,  but still-). In mid-life, I see my handicaps and my strengths more accurately. I’m 46 for a few more months and know that I’ll  never be a physician or be “discovered” as a singer extroidinaire (I sing like a tone deaf canine). The future looks different now – not infinite, but limited in time and abilities. 47 is looming large and is veeeery close to 50!

Few people are going to hire a 50-year-old RN when a 30-year-old one  with the same qualifications is available.

My future has limits now. It’s a strange feeling. I now look forward to different things; I’ll have grandchildren, hopefully work in an inpatient hospice environment, see and feel love  by a man who loves in a deep and expressive way, visit the beaches of NW Florida more often, get to know my parents better, and enjoy watching my grown children make their own lives and find their own passions.

Whether I’m twenty or fifty, life has its good points. 😉


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