My Bedroom is a Science Lab / House of Horrors

I realized today, as I was cleaning house, that my bedroom isn’t the “average” person’s bedroom.

Being  a nursing student, but also a “girly girl,” I have a full-size skeleton on wheels in one corner. Thrown over his shoulders are various scarves I like to wear.

 In another corner, I have a 7′ Halloween, motion-activated madman holding a bloody chainsaw ( I need to take that to the storage unit this week.)

My bedroom is large, so it sports many unique things. I am a crazed jewelry collector (and wearer), so I painted a screen door in a lovely brick red and used curtain hooks to hang long necklaces. It works great and was inexpensive. Looks cute, too.

My bed is a king-size with dark red comforter. Matching lamps adorn the bedside tables. However, an open anatomy book on  my pillow shows the dissection of a cat in shiny, colored pages.

 I have saved items from past science work; a large piece of cat skin with gray hair is dry, but in a paper towel. It shows interesting striations of muslce left behind. Very interesting stuff!

I realize I am a science nerd and have a warped sense of what is appropriate to keep, but it makes me happy to be able to lie in bed and survey the skeleton’s bones. I name them, ischium, clavicle, scapula, tibia, radius, lumbar vertebrae. It’s a game.

So, you never know what your neighbor has in his or her bedroom.

Oh, and don’t tell my neighbors.


One thought on “My Bedroom is a Science Lab / House of Horrors

  1. Haha, I enjoyed this tour of oddities. My own room, well, my entire house, and I guess you should throw in the car, too, is a strange reflection of me. I, too, am a science nerd during the workweek, but at home there’s not a trace of operational procedures in play anywhere, lol.

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