New Member of the Household

It’s been a life-changing 20 hours for me. I have never, that’s right, NEVER had an indoor dog (and I’m 46) until last night!

Doug was a shelter dog who caught my eye (and kept it). So, after his neutering yesterday, I took him home. To my home – now OUR home.

I also share this home with two, 3-year-old, male, neutered and de-clawed cats (both were also shelter adoptions).

Now, cats, I’m used to. Lived with them for years. I clean their litter box, provide food and water, and say, “yes” when they ask for the occasional stroke or play time.

Dogs? A different story all together, I see!~

Doug is my shadow. EVERYwhere I go, he goes – kitchen, to take my purse from the dining table to the bedroom, & to the bathroom! He lays next to me (touching some part of me, of course), and snores.

My college classes are all in the afternoon, so I go to bed a bit later than average and sleep in a little later than average. So, I closed Doug out of my bedroom for a couple of hours this morning. He had the rest of the house to play in.

After about a half hour, I had to go to the restroom before I slept any longer, so I left the bedroom door open, and Doug didn’t bother me.  
After a while, my mind stirred, and I slowly opened my eyes. There, like a statue 12 inches from my face, stood the pug. He stared into my eyes. Good Lord, what a thing to wake up to. I said, “Doug?” He leaned in and licked my forehead.

Yes, it was adorable. Yes, I loved him. But, yes, I was still sleepy. So, I carried him to the bedroom door and closed him out of my sleep area.

I dozed for a good while, and then remembered the dog. He was probably lonely. I cracked the door and snuggled back into the warm covers. Soon, Doug rushed in (nails clacking on the tile floor) and jumped on the bed, stood next to my head, and then burped in my face!

He was tail-wagging, whimpering for joy, and acting like he hadn’t seen me in a year. 

I couldn’t sleep anymore. So, I led the way into the front rooms. There it was, urine in the dining room. I walked further, afraid of what I might discover. A spilled bag of garbage in the kitchen. Last night’s coleslaw provided the milky base of the mess, while an over-ripe pear and chicken bones decorated the top. Of course, miscellaneous paper, moldy hot dog buns, and plastic wrappers adorned the perifery.

Into the living room, in front of the sofa, I spied Doug’s true artistic talent. He ate one or tw0 of last night’s biscuits (they were flaky bastards) right there on the hardwood floor. Crumbs strewn from sofa legs out into the middle of the room, like a flour-snow fell overnight. It could have been almost beautiful if it weren’t for the second puddle of pee I saw nearby.

Yes, a new dog is a definite change in the landscape of my home. He is a handsome pug. I love Doug, and he loves me. That will likely be the only thing that keeps us going forward during this initial time of introduction. 😉


2 thoughts on “New Member of the Household

  1. Simply hilarious. Pugs are the greatest and your Pug “Doug”, is a very lucky Pug indeed. Inside these wonderful little bundles of joy (I say that somewhat with a grin), are the biggest hearts I have ever known.

    1. On top of these wonderous morning happenings, Doug has lain beside me on the sofa, as I blog, do homework, and sip a Diet Dr Pepper. THREE times I have stopped and wondered what on earth could combine to make the FOUL smell was that snuck from his unassuming bottom!!!! Ugh . . .

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