Ya Gotta Laugh a Little . . .

This is Saint Peter’s Bascilica. Ironic name for the display, don’t you think? God definitely has a sense of humor.

He gave us wit, sarcasm, and all kinds of humor in everyday life. I enjoy that. We get way too serious most days. I value a smile, a giggle, and a big belly laugh.

Do you see the irony in your surroundings? Do you notice that the magazines by discount store check-outs? Each will have a diet article right next to a “fabulous chocolate cake” recipe.

Ever notice that at a drive-through ATM, there is braille on the keys? Hmmm . . . that’s one to think on. Will a sight-challenged person be driving a vehicle?

Here’s another one below:

Who the heck is whom? And why photograph black fabric with hands?

The next one is just classic.

So, did you smile at this post? If so, mission accomplished! Have a GREAT day!


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