Well, I made it through the first week of my back-to-college experience. I now only have 15 more weeks to go. Grrr!

I’m trying to keep my head in the books, on the computer (not on facebook), and doing homework.

I see why college is best experienced while you are young. My older brain and body are struggling to keep up with the loads. It’s a sad situation and a positive one at the same time. I’ll tone my body and lose a few pounds. My mind will become used to the input and hopefully produce some quality output.

The name of this blog is Everydayclimb because for the last few years, every day truly HAS been an uphill path. I’ve changed my relationships, career, home, and some of my beliefs.

But, I keep reminding myself that anything of value comes at a price. I’m paying that price forward. The hard work will be more than worth the BSN degree I (had better) get.  😉

So, keep in mind, my friends and family and readers, in whatever you do,

Keep on Keepin’ on!


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