My Letter to Target’s CEO

Dear Mr Steinhafel, 

I’ve been an avid Target shopper for many years. I’ve told all of my friends to shop Target and to get away from Wal-Mart. I’ve done nothing but tout Target’s offerings of good selection and decent prices and always friendly, helpful workers. However, I am bothered by a recent choice that Target officers have made.  

It concerns me that Target made a $150,000 donation to a business-oriented group supporting Republican Tom Emmer. He is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. I realize the U.S. Supreme Court threw out prohibitions on corporate spending in elections earlier this year, but while I am conservative in many of my political views, I do believe that gay persons should have the right to wed, as any other human beings do. 

Target boasts “diversity” all over the place, but I see the company giving this large sum of money to a group that supports a ban on gay marriage. Don’t you think Target could step out of the political arena, so as to not affect its shoppers? Politics and religion are hot topics and will cause problems when large companies delve into these areas. Every time I slide my debit card in one of  your machines, I’m asking myself, “Which controlling political group am I supporting with this purchase?” 

I’m just asking you to consider your shoppers. Knowing that you directly or indirectly support a ban on gay marriage leaves me to believe that the word “diversity” doesn’t mean much to your company after all.

 Thank you for listening to this Target shopper.



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