I Hate Incompetence

My Jeep has been in the shop for THREE days. The first two days, they didn’t “get to it.” Today, they were looking at a problem which didn’t even exist. When I called for the second time, I got, “Well, ma’am, the car isn’t overheating, and we’ve been letting it idle with the blinker on for quit a while.”

WHAT? I didn’t yell. I calmly said, “I didn’t have an issue with the Jeep overheating. What did the blinder have to do with it anyway?  My a/c blower fan is going on and off. I think there is either corrosion or some other problem with it. There is a water leak when it rains – just above this fan.”

Simple, I thought. I even left a written explanation of the problem I was having with the vehicle when I dropped it off!

Evidentally, these people cannot read, do not know their thumbs from their asses, and do not care either way (pardon the bluntness).

So, I had my boyfriend call them. He is a mechanic and should know if this repair shop is “doing” anything of value (now that the owner has been informed that my vehicle or the fan doesn’t overheat when the blinker is on!) Geeze.

I hate incompetence. I’m a very patient person. A new waiter at a restaurant? I don’t lose my patience. It’s a hard job, and we’ve all been new at some point. A new, slow, check-out person at Wal-Mart? I’ll stop fidgeting, relax, and make conversation. I’ll make the guy feel comfortabl I understand if someone has troubles, and I allow for that. But, three days in the shop, looking for the wrong issue, and never calling me to report on the progress? Not acceptable.

I just found out that my car is sitting in their parking lot, not fixed. I told the owner of the shop that I needed the vehicle by close today. The man told me he didn’t find anything wrong.

Grrr . . . I hate incompetence!


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