Bipolar, PMS, or Moody

In these days of self-diagnoses (since doctors spend, on average, three minutes with us), I have wondered why my personality is all over the place.

At first, I blamed bipolar. I was THAT bad. My dad definitely could have been undiagnosed bipolar. He was a real whack job sometimes.

Other times, I feel my hormones raging and know THEY are the culprits.

Then, sometimes, I just think it’s mid-life moodiness shuffled in with depression bouts. I mean, life is a rollercoaster – unless you are in some rancid rut.

So, I have decided not to label myself with ANYthing. I’m me. Period.

Feels better to not blame my moods on any certain thing. ADD? OCD? Nah.

Goal: no more self-diagnosing.

Mantra: stop analyzing yourself, Lea. Just keep waking up, living, and sleeping.

Why must life shifts fit into categories?


One thought on “Bipolar, PMS, or Moody

  1. Wisdom comes with age, eh? Good for you, girl! And thank goodness for our roller coaster emotions. Better than being a zombie. Been there, done that. 🙂

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