Ted Nugent, Here I Come

This weekend, I’m off to see and hear Ted Nugent in concert. I bought the tickets about a month ago. I need to hear some lively, outdoor tunes.

Music makes me happier, gives me a mental boost. I can’t put my finger on it, but it works! Depending on my mood, it can totally change my outlook.

My I-Pod contains everything from Mozart to hardcore rap. It offers me meditation songs, hip-hop, classic rock, pop, SOME country, and a few old-time gospel favorites.

Do you listen to a favorite song or genre of music on a regular basis? Perhaps talk radio has taken over your mind. For those of you who constantly have Fox News or MSNBC playing in the background, do you ever listen to just music?

I’m ready to take my assigned seat right up front, where I can see Ted face-to-face. I’m ready to dance, laugh, and have a beer or two (no, I won’t drive afterward). I want to let my hair down, wear comfy flat sandals, and feel the beat from the vibrating speakers – running from the ground and through my feet . . . from the seat back in front of me and into my hands.

It’s time to rock!

(oh, and The Black Crowes come in October. I’ve got my tickets for that, as well!) Wanna join?


3 thoughts on “Ted Nugent, Here I Come

  1. Well, as you know, I am one of those talk radio – okay, Fox News – junkies. But, it even gets to be too much for me sometimes, and when that happens, I listen to smooth jazz.

    I know. . . you’re gagging. You and I have always had different taste in music. Remember, I don’t know half the artists you like. 🙂

    But, I DO know Ted Nugent, ’cause he’s on Fox News sometimes. 🙂

    Have a blast!!

  2. You know, I was thinking of YOU when I wrote the Fox News portion. LOL! Smooth Jazz, huh? Aren’t the little (and big) differences among all of us what make life interesting?

    Sure miss you. I’ve been doing a little hibernating this last week. I’ll have to make a lunch date just to make sure I circulate among the living.


  3. I listen to Jazz but I also like old western country songs….and the elvis yoddling! though…I prefer sagging couch that I can sink into while listening..yeah!

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