Sometimes, I Hate Hallmark

Here it is, Father’s Day. Did you remember to mail your dad a card? Send him a gift? Did you visit him? Or worse . . . is he deceased, and Father’s Day only reminds you of that fact?

I know card companies made up various “holidays” to drum up business. That’s kosher if we “choose” to participate. However, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, and to a lesser extent Christmas/Easter/Anniversary cards seem mandatory now.

Shouldn’t we be calling and keeping up with our family & friends ALL year if we love them? These Card-Producer “holidays” only set us up for disappointment when our expectations aren’t met. When the kids forget to call dad on Father’s Day or we forget our best friend’s birthday because we were busy at work.

Don’t get me wrong, I like giving and receiving cards. They are a sweet little “extra” that  let me know someone is randomly thinking about me. That’s cool!

Sympathy cards? Send them if you don’t want to speak to the poor bereaved person. Send them if you aren’t man/woman enough to make a phone call to say, “I’m sorry you lost the one you love. I know I can’t change that, but I love you and will be here for you if you need me.” However, if the grieving person is only  an acquaintance, a card is nice.

BUT, I still hate Hallmark (and similar companies) much of the time. Don’t make up holidays for me to remember when my life is already full of mundane crap like bills that are due, being on time for work, scheduling my annual pap test, and getting an appointment to get my car’s air conditioner repaired.

Why doesn’t someone send me a card for one of those?

Hope your Pap Smear comes back negative . . . (maybe with a photo of a woman lying on her back, legs in stirrups, and her face wrenched because a foot-long Q-tip’s being shoved into her cervix)

Now, that would make me feel a bit better.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes, I Hate Hallmark

  1. I actually liked the cards I got after Dad died, and most of them were from people I knew well. Some of them were from people who knew Dad. Those were some of the best, as a few had memories written down that I wasn’t aware of or had forgotten. In either case, you can flip through the cards later and remember some of those who cared– and regular paper is just as good. Phone calls are good, too, but I found that I forgot a lot of what was said—

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