Friends Don’t Come and Go

I’m 46, and I’ve come to realize that a friend does not come and go. There may be times of physical separateness or busy times when we don’t speak as much. However, when I trust someone with my feelings and life experiences, I listen to theirs, and we’ve made a connection. I value those friends.

Other times, the “friend” I thought had invested as much into our union as I had, turned out to drop me like a hot potato – telling me I wasn’t healthy for her healing process (divorce). That floored me. I cried and grieved. But, I got over it.

So, do I pull away from new people, afraid of being hurt again? No. I keep putting myself out there for new acquaintences and new friendships, knowing there is a good chance I’ll be hurt again.

I have a few women who have stuck with me through rants, highs, lows, depressions, you name it. Those are the women I love so dearly. I would go into a rainstorm in the middle of the night to help these women. These are friends. These are family.

Thank God for my dear friends. They fill a special place in my heart.


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