Why Can’t I sleep Anymore?

Is the world changing or is it me? Are the moon and sun in kahoots to rob me of vital rest each night? It seems that way.

I’ve even popped relaxation Rx pills to aid in my problem. They helped in the beginning.

Now? Not so much. I tried Ambien in a low dose. Instead of getting sleepy, the top of my head and my eyes felt as though they weighed 90 pounds. Bad feeling. Odd. Not normal. No more
Ambien for me.

So, it’s 2:36 am, and I’m still up. Granted, my eyes are tired. The rest of me is just holding its own. Thirsty, gotta pee, not sleepy enough to actually GO to sleep, but tired enough to not want to read or keep my eyes open.

Ahhhh! Is this hormonal? I’m on the downside of forty. Does that mean I’ll sleep like my mom does? Up at 4:00 am and asleep by 8:30 pm? Nooooo! Next I’ll be DVR-ing Jeopardy every day at four o’clock and eating dinner at 4:00 pm – the “senior” meal at a buffet.

I’m not ready to get old yet. I just need a few good nights of sleep.



3 thoughts on “Why Can’t I sleep Anymore?

  1. This, too, shall pass, my dear. Funny, I was just thinking this morning about what sucks about getting old, and what’s great about it. I think I’ll post a blog on that one. 🙂

    I hope you get caught up on your sleep, soon. I know how being tired affects me. I go from being my good-natured, wonderful self, to Miss Bitch. 🙂

    Miss ya!

    1. This is your mother speaking: I may go to bed at 8:30 but I don’t have the luxury of a 4 am wake-up. Sadly, it is more like 1:30 am. Five to Six hours a night tops. But that’s how this old body is working. So I go with the flow. Sixty-eight years has taught me not to fight it. If I feel sleepy after lunch, and I usually do, I find a recliner, turn on the boob toob and try to nap. Sometimes I do; sometimes I don’t. If you are this sleep deprived you should sleep when the mood strikes not when convention dictates. Try it. I may not get the full eight hours I’d like but I usually feel well and rested. Being retired I do have the luxury of setting MY OWN schedule. Besides, it gives hubby pooh a break from me. He has from 8:30 until his own bedtime to stare at the tv, read, compute, or whatever, without my interruptions. Throw out the pills, please. They are a crutch, they are not working, they are expensive, they are addictive and you are too smart to let a chemical control you. If they were working I would say, “okay, use them for a while”. But they are not working. Doesn’t that tell you anything? There are sleep clinics. They all seem to start with preparing your environment and making everything around you conducive to sleep. Then relaxing your body and mind, yadda yadda yadda. Google it, have you? Sometimes we become afraid. “Uh, oh, it’s bedtime. I won’t be able to sleep, I know I wont. I’m going to feel like poo poo.” Anxiety, frustration, fear. Now who can sleep with all those ugly feelings!?
      Relax kiddo. You used to sleep like a hibernating bear. Just pretend I’m trying to wake you for school. Try and remember some of the reasons you made up all those diseases so you wouldn’t have to get up. I will never forget my favorite disease you contracted; LOCK-NECK. Once you told me some kids had lice and you didn’t want “it”. You said school was making you sick. God, I deserve a medal for not putting you up for adoption when you were 11 and 12 years old. Advice may be cheap but so is water and try living without that! ……I love you still…Your Mama

  2. Well, Jan, I’m on one lone hour of sleep in the past 48! No joke. And that’s only because I took one Benadryl. I made an appointment with my doctor for friday morning. I’ve never, never had this problem before. It feels like my body has a “mind” of its own. I also am not hungry (and when I did have awful hungry-stomach cramps, I ate a small Lean Cuisine and felt sick afterward).

    I’m staring at two tiny pink Benadryl pills. Saving then for closer to a normal bedtime.

    Another day, another symptom . . .

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